Mother where were you?

I had no mother to raise me, to guide me, to lead me in the way to go. It was grandma who took that role. She was the one who taught me what she knew, told me what to do. She laid down her philosophy of no defeat.
We win bitter or sweet .
Grandma showed love unconditionally. Her love was guaranteed traditionally
She wiped away all scars and bruises. No matter what weapon they were choosing. Grandma’s kiss was never unexpected.
She would give advice as only she could. She would share from experience beginning to end what she had done.
Grandma made it fun to listen to her story. All while giving God the glory, for bringing us through it all. Big or small. Picking us up when we fall. That was grandma’s way that day. I think of her as I read the stories of God’s amazing grace and his glory.

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