Just being real

I know a lot of people won’t like this and I really don’t care. Some won’t understand and that’s ok. Ask God to give you more wisdom. We the people are the church, not your building.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more. The Church building is overrated and you don’t need the church building to be saved. If you are in outreach people are getting saved, healed, and delivered on the streets. In their homes. I know someone who accepted Jesus while in the supermarket. Jesus will meet you where you are. There are plenty of saved folks who have never set foot in a church and probably never will. But God’s got them the same way he’s got you. Stop playing the holier than thou card. Looking down on people because they’re different. You may not like it but it’s not about you. It’s about Jesus and him crucified and risen. Believe that, confess it , and you will be saved. Then let him do the rest to make you the best you can be. Whether you write it, or speak it, or sing it, the word will be heard. Stop trying to fill your church building with numbers. There will be all types of people in heaven. Not just people who attended church buildings, but people who are the church. The ones whom Jesus looks at their heart and see himself. Instead keep filling the kingdom of God and keep a soul from hell.

His arms

Everlasting arms holding me through the night till the morning light
You take away all the fear from me and I am no longer afraid
You make me stand strong where I belong
Gaining confidence from the storms that wash away happiness and leave the wrong songs behind
Your strong arms carry me across the ocean to the shores of joy
Watching your footprints in the sand
I learn that you are in demand to rescue my soul and make me whole
You share your love with me calling me your own
Letting me know you will keep me from drowning and will soon come back to get me
You said, Wait here for me, I won’t be long
I got my rewards with me

Is it over?

Everything in me wants to say it’s over. But I need to be decisive in my mind. To let go of the elements that surround me. Some saying let it go, some saying you need to stay.

I need to get out of my head and face reality that it wasn’t meant to be.

Together forever was only in the bedroom.

Wipe the slate clean and head back to the gloom of what I’m faced with if I return to him.

Tell me…is it over??

It’s old school

I’m old school
Not an old fool
I try to follow the golden rule
Kindness is good, and that’s the way we should be with each other
Treat me like I’m your sister, I’m your brother
Not a menace to society, doing whatever we feel
To lie, cheat and steal, thinking it’s not a big deal
God is real and he said don’t do this
Treat people the way you want to be treated instead
I am the bread and water, taste of me and get your life in order
It’s not what you do but how you do it, too
Trusting in God to help pull you through