Didn’t you get my text?


Standing by the street light
No sign of you in sight
You promised to meet me here so we can talk
I don’t think it was your fault
Just a misunderstanding about how we should act
All the facts about us that we missed
I’ll continue to wait at home by the phone
If you don’t show any signs of interest
I guess I’ll just have to be alone again

Highway of love


I can’t decide if I want to go or stay
I’ll do better, be better you always say
Like a chain reaction
I’m losing the satisfaction, of having you near
No more will I choose to stay
You don’t know what you want to do
You’re here because it’s convenient to the love highway
I won’t push you or drive you out
There’s no doubt
Once the road is closed there’s no reentrance to the highway

I was acquitted

I was in prison with a life sentence
No chance of parole
My life as I knew it was put on hold
You took everything from me
Even my dignity
I was washed up, no doubt
My days of clean ways had no more clout
I felt so alone inside
My feelings of despair
I could no longer hide
You took me on an emotional ride
People would say you’ll be ok
My response would be no, no way
I’m trapped 24 hours 7days a week
I feel like static cling attacked by a dryer sheet

Someone told me I needed to pray
Ask God to release me,
and take it all away

I have been acquitted of all charges
My love abuse was enough to prove my innocence

My new love loved me first and he proved it
My new love even died for me
He showed me the victory
when he was resresurrected
My new love by many is so respected

For who he is and what he will be with plans in completing my destiny
He will follow me all the way to the end